Homes today have to be strong, safe and energy efficient, along with being aesthetically pleasing. Finding quality building materials that are also appealing to the eye, and staying within a budget can present a challenge. At Caribbee ICF we can help you meet that challenge by offering Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms for your construction project. By using Nudura ICF you will enjoy more comfort, safety and energy efficiency. And you will have a home that is eco-friendly and looks appealing as well.


Outside cold and heat can easily permeate through standard wood framed walls. ICF houses offer superior performance when it comes to thermal bridging. They provide reduced drafts, and even temperatures throughout your home, resulting in optimal energy performance. ICF homes provide up to 2 times greater energy efficiency than traditional construction, saving you money on your energy bills.


Nudura ICF offers fire protection rating of up to four hours, which is 4 times that of a wood frame home. Our walls are built with steel reinforced concrete, and a non-toxic fire retardant polystyrene foam ensuring maximum safety (up to 4 times greater fire resistance). Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms also offer up to 9 times more durable storm resistance and withstand winds of up to 250 mph.


When it comes to sound resistance, Nudura ICF is extremely effective as a sound barrier. Our insulated concrete forms filter out unwanted noise, dampen sound vibrations and ensure a serene and comfortable ambience within your home. ICF offers up to 3 times greater sound resistance than traditional wood framed construction.


Not only are Nudura ICF homes safe, strong and energy efficient, they are also considered a “green” product. Nudura ICF is manufactured from recycled or recyclable materials, and all waste is 100% recyclable. Nudura ICF emits no CFC or HCFC’s, and is manufactured under strict guidelines that are non ozone depleting. Nudura and Caribbee ICF are committed to improving the building process to support environmental issues and reduce energy consumption while providing a healthy living space.


The main structural element in an ICF home is reinforced concrete. The result is a home that provides substantially better durability, and requires less maintenance and repair. A Nudura ICF home is built to last and retains its value longer.