Building a home with Insulated Concrete Forms assures substantial benefits over traditional building methods. By using Nudura ICF you have the freedom to build your home any shape or size. You also have the assurance of greater energy efficiency, sound resistance, fire resistance, storm resistance, and very importantly long-term value. And you have the added bonus of a home that is esthetically pleasing as well.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Caribbee ICF and Nudura know how important it is to you to provide a home that is first of all safe. Nudura’s walls can stand up to mother natures worst, especially in high wind areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornados. Nudura walls can with stand winds of up to 250 mph. Nudura also has a hurricane anchor system for roofs that is embedded into the concrete core of the wall system to secure your home’s roof in high wind areas.
Building with Nudura ICF also offers your family greater fire protection with up to a 3-4 hour fire protection rating (4 times that of a wood frame home), and Nudura walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and a non toxic fire retardant foam.

Energy Costs-Savings

In these tough economic times energy efficiency is also extremely important to the homeowner. With growing energy costs, building a home that is more energy efficient can save you significant amounts of money on a yearly basis. By using our highly insulated concrete walls, you are assured there are no air spaces or studs, which vastly reduces air filtration, resulting in a home that has superior energy efficiency over traditional building methods.

A Quiet House

Sound resistance is another benefit to building with ICF. Nudura’s double foam insulated concrete core acts a an effective sound barrier, filtering out unwanted noise, dampening sound vibrations and ensuring a serene and comfortable ambience within your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Many homewoners today require a home that is environmentally friendly. Nudura and Caribbee ICF are committed to improving the building process to support environmental issues and reduce energy consumption while providing a healthy living space. Nudura is manufactured from recycled or recyclable material, and all waste is 100% recyclable. Nudura forms emit NO CFC’s or HCFC’s, and Nudura forms are manufactured under strict guidelines using only processes that do not deplete the ozone.

Building with Nudura provides substantial benefits above traditional methods. In striving to provide a better quality of life, Nudura homes offer safety without compromise. And all Nudura products are backed by over 50 years of building experience, and tested to the highest standards.