A range of changing economic, social and environmental factors mean that the way buildings are constructed is changing. Construction projects today take positive steps towards specifying high quality, sustainable building materials that fit these agendas. The ICF Product line from Nudura meets the high demands for commercial, educational, medical, residential, and other projects.

Energy Efficiency

Stringent building regulations and pressure from building owners to create energy efficient buildings has made thermal performance more important than ever. It is important when selecting construction products that the overall thermal efficiency is taken into consideration. The Thermal mass that is created with Nudura ICF Products and concrete can offer R-Values of up to R-50. Building with Nudura can also contribute LEED points to green projects.  Click here for more information on green building and LEED.

Technology Means Faster Construction

Construction with Nudura ICF products is user friendly for contractors because Nudura ICF products are engineered with patented technology and over 50 years of combined industry experience.  Speed of construction is also one of the greatest benefits to designing and constructing with NUDURA. Installation of Nudura ICF Products can be up to 40% faster over conventional building methods cutting down on costs and labor.

Design Tools for Nudura

Nudura and Caribbee ICF provide design professionals with all the material they need to design with the Nudura system.  We offer a free BIM (Building Information Modeling) Library and Design Specification Guide backed up with full technical support. Click here to request a copy of our BIM library.

Continuing Education

Nudura Integrated Building Technology has also created a variety of Insulated Concrete Forms courses to keep you up-to-date with changing industry standards for a variety of building types. Nudura is a registered provider with the AIA Continuing Education System.  Currently registered AIA Continuing Education programs that qualify for credits and Learning Units (LU) are available at www.nudura.com.