When it comes to commercial projects, Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms gives you the opportunity to build structures that will offer your customers more. If you are still building commercial projects using traditional building methods, Nudura and Caribbee ICF offer you more than one reason to switch from your current building method.

Design Technology

When designing commercial projects and buildings, it is important to offer impressive and eye-catching architecture. When you design using Nudura, you can be sure that ICF can accommodate your design specifications. We even offer computer software that can easily format design drawings for Insulated Concrete Forms. Whether you are designing a commercial project with multiple stories, radius walls, gable end walls, radius topped windows, or high ceilings, Nudura ICF offers superior performance.

Energy Efficiency and Superior Strength

When building commercial projects, efficiency and strength are very important things to consider. Nudura ICF offers high performance walls that easily achieve both. Commercial buildings constructed with Nudura ICF are two times more energy efficient achieving an R50 value. They also offer 3x greater sound resistance and a 4 hour fire protection rating. In addition, Nudura ICF buildings are capable of withstanding 250 mile/hour winds.

Ease of Construction and Savings

In addition to being energy efficient and a green building material, Nudura ICF can save you money and time on commercial projects. Building with Nudura is fast and does not require heavy machinery which requires less time and less labor. And because Caribbee ICF offers training classes and support for installing Nudura, you can expect less money-costing jobsite set-backs.

Nudura Commercial Projects

Nudura ICF has been utilized for many commercial projects around the world including public schools, movie theaters, hotels, churches, hospitals, military projects, office buildings and condominiums. Nudura was also used to construct the first Net-Zero school in the United States. In addition Nudura can offer direct and indirect LEED points, and has been used to construct several LEED projects including Platinum rated buildings.