Caribbee ICF in the Bahamas and Caribbean

When it comes to building in the Caribbean, you need a company that has experience providing customers with superior quality products.  You also need a company that understands the hurdles and difficulties you can sometimes expect while constructing in the Islands.  Caribbee ICF has the experience and the knowledge to help your building process go as smoothly as possible.

Over the last couple of years, building with Insulated Concrete Forms has become increasingly popular in the Bahamas and Caribbean.  Several reasons contribute to the increased interest in using this unique building technique.   First, the Bahamas and Caribbean experience increased exposure to hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.  These storms can cause damage structures, but Nudura ICF building can withstand more than 250 mile per hour winds, insuring your home or building will be safe and strong. Living in the Islands also means dealing with increased costs for electricity and energy in your home or building.  Because Nudura ICF is two times more energy efficient, you can use less energy and save money.  When it comes to building in the Bahamas and Caribbeean, Nudura ICF gives you the best way to build.

Caribbee ICF gives special detail and attention to Island projects.  We have experience shipping supplies and insuring certified installers are on-site for every project.  Caribbee ICF is committed to insuring your Island construction project is high-quality and worry-free.